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The Kueh Tutus are a collaborative team of creatives (dancers, artists, musicians and designers) who followed their noses into exploring Dance works for Children.

Each individual has spent hours extensively

creating dances with, teaching and playing with children. Brought together by choreographer Melissa Quek, they combined their super -powers of productive curiosity to enter the Singapore scene in 2017, and their playful engagement with music and movement captured the hearts of parents and children alike.


They were soon invited to present their work at festivals such as Octoburst! at the Esplanade Theatres and Got To Move. They also began to workshop and develop new dances at The Artground so that they could engage children in the development of their works. They have been lauded as having the ability to unlock the imagination and feed a desire for discovery.

The Kueh Tutus' Family

The Kueh Tutu Family

Melissa - Tutu Frame.png


Yahui - Tutu Frame.png

Yahui Wu

Sage - Tutu Frame.png

Sage Tan

Germaine - Tutu frame.png

Germaine Goh

artistic director.

Melissa spends her time thinking about dance and talking with people about how to get more people to think about dance.

Melissa is an inadvertent workaholic who is busy doing what she loves. 


Melissa believes that dance is a space where people of all ages can regain and express autonomy while also forging a community.

Florence Kuek

Flo - Tutu Frame.png



Yahui spends her time supporting the creation and appreciation of the arts in Singapore. 

Yahui is a perfectionist in a koala's body.

Yahui believes that children are the best audiences to perform for because of their refreshing, much-needed honesty. 

Sage spends her time watching Youtube tutorials for inspiration, studying up on gadgets and Googling places to get props. 

Sage is the nicest rude person you will ever meet. And you'll love her for it.  


Sage believes that the arts need to be nurtured from a young age, because the arts are an outlet for creativity and expression and boosts self-confidence.

Stacie Leong

Stacie - Tutu frame.png

Music Composer

Germaine spends her time noodling around at the piano, thinking of new ways to compose and create music. 

Germaine is an oddball old soul who has a penchant for old things and sniffing old shoes. 


Germaine believes that to create art is to have a heart of a child - that is when art is truly pure, creative and unadulterated. 

Ada Chia

Ada - Tutu frame.png

Co - Creator

Flo spends her time dancing, teaching and being curious about life. She is constantly questioning things and planning her next adventure.

Flo is a type 4, living paradox. 


Flo believes that children are precious gift from God whom we can learn from and that

dance is a powerful way for humans to express their whole being. 

Co - Creator

Stacie spends her time dancing and watching documentaries and chasing cute animals. 

Stacie is a fun-sized hyper energetic girl who loves to be on the go. She was not made

for desk bound jobs!


Stacie believes that being involved in the creative arts from a very young age gives children a

head  start and paves the way for a more enriching future. 

Co - Creator

Ada spends her time teaching, dancing and eating.

Ada is a workaholic who loves sleep and being with her loved ones (especially when

food is involved).


Ada believes that we should always see the world through the eyes of a child, one with

boundless, possibilities and fun, honest relationships and a heart of gratitude for the people

we have around us. 

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